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In the name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

This message in from the late sheikh Abdullah Mubarok bin Nur Muhammad who lived at Patapan Suryalaya Kajembaran Rakhmaniyah.

His advice is for all disciples, male and female, young and old:

May Allah bestow upon you overlasting happiness and may there never arise disharmony among you, your happiness and should be forever, may there never arise splits within your circle.

May our national leaders enjoy an ever increasing stature and wisdom so that they may protect and guide the people towards, peace justice and prosperity, materially and spiritually as well.

Being a guru in Thoreqat Qodiriyyah Naksabandiyyah I am sincerely happy to share with you may advice.

Be very cautious in everything, avoid any deviations from religious and civil obligations. As devoted believers, be stricty faithfull to your responssibilities, submitting to Gos’s will by carrying out His commands.

Be wary, oh disciples, not to be seduced by Syaitan.

Do not be tempted by subtle suggestions of evil, Iblis is always trying to lead your heart astray. It is better to present spiritual purity by expressing your love:

I. Towards other who are enjoying higher status, socially or materially, we should be respectful. Such ought to be the guiding principle for a harmonious life-respecting and being respected.

II. Towards your equals, do not cause disharmony, but rather adopt a humble attitude and cooperate in carrying out religious and civil obligations. Causing discord will bring down Adzabun Alim which means eternal misery both here and in the hereafter.

III. Towards your subordinates, you should not disdain them in your attitude or actions, do not arrogant towards them. Rather, show compassion, so that they feel happy. Do not make them affraid and insecure, but instead of providing them with sympathetic advice will guide them along the right path.

IV. Towards the poor, you should be loving, considerate, kind and generous, reflecting awarness of their lot. Try to feel as they do, how painful it is be in such need. You should not be indifferent to them, thinking only your own happiness for they became poor not because of thier own wish, but because of their lot.

Such is the attitude of people with devotion, even towards foreigners, for they too are sons of Adam. As Surah Al-Isro, verse 70, says:

“We have honoured all the sons of Adam, by providing all their needs that exists on land and sea, and exalting them above all other creations.”

The verse quoted above teaches us to respect and not antagonize one another, remembering the Surah Al-Maidah whose nucleus of truth could be simply rendered as follows:

“We should help one another in our efforts to serve God and country, and not conspire in transgressions against them.”

As to religion, it is up to you to decide yourself. As in Surah Al-Kafirun, verse 6: “My religion is for me, your religion is for you”

It means that you must be tolerant towards other religions, do not proivoke conflict iver this – live on good terms with one another peacefully; but do not make a sort of hotchpotch of your religion mixed up with other religions.

Considering deeply the advice of our ancestors, when you are in Rome do as Romans do, that we must behave cerrectly and rightly in facing all sorts of situations and problems of life, otherwise, the it follows that he who sows the wind shall reap the whirlwing.

That is to say, that trouble follows misbehaviour, and is one’s own fault.

In Surah An-Nahli, verse 112, it is explained that Allah set forth a parable:

“There was a city which enjoyed peace, security and prosperity, but the inhabitnatas were ungrateful to God. Their behaviour cause them to suffer a great disaster and famine, and they became suspicious towards each other.”

Fot this reason, it is advised that all disciples should act cautiously in every endeavour, towards happiness, now and in the here-after, causing no conflicts and having only sale objective-mentally wealthy, physically healthy.

Put into practice in every detail the teachings of Thoreqat Qodiriyyah Naksabandiyyah to enable you to receive blessing and to avoid evil. Beware of the temptations of the devil.

All aspects of this message should be implemented by my disciples in order to obtain happiness both here and in the hereafter. Amin.

PATAPAN SURYALAYA, February 13, 1956
This message is dedicated to all devoted disciples.

(KH. A. Shohibulwafa Tajul ‘Arifin)